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mango jalapeno margarita | $16
casamigos jalapeno tequila, dekuyper triple sec, agave, mango puree, fresh lime juice, lime & jalapenos

lavender 75 | $15
le gin de christian drouin, wildmoon lavender liqueur, lavender syrup, lemon juice, los dos cava

plum thyme old fashioned | $19
akashi ume plum whisky, wildmoon birch & thyme liquors, birch & thyme demerara syrup, fresh plum & thyme, plum bitters

cucumber dill collins | $18
effen cucumber vodka, house-infused dill pickle vodka, dill syrup, pickle juice, cucumber bitters, dill pickle & cucumber salsa

mezcal sour | $17
vida mezcal, magdala orange liqueur, star anise/cinnamon agave, lime juice, egg whites, orange bitters, fernet floater
black sour mash tennessee whisky manhattan | $16
nelson’s “green brier” sour mash tennessee whisky, ramazzotti amaro, angostura & orange bitters, cherry & orange garnish
gimlet riff | $16
grey goose vodka, celery root, cardamom simple syrup, lime juice, celery salt & pepper rim, cardamom & celery bitters
basil blueberry lemonade | $16
blueberry pick six vodka, blueberries, basil simple syrup, lemon juice
peach pisco sour | $16
capel pisco, dekuyper peach tree schnapps, lemon juice, egg whites, peach bitters
apricot pineapple fizz | $17
luxardo apricot liqueur, pine ridge sparkling chenin blanc, pineapple juice, club soda
saratoga cocktail | $22
martel cognac, dickel rye whisky, antica vermouth, angostura & orange bitters
“espresso” martini | $16
kru coffee cold brew, awakened coffee vodka, kahlua, vanilla extract
salted caramel “espresso” martini | $16
kru coffee cold brew, awakened coffee vodka, kahlua, faber caramel vodka, salted caramel rim
flip | $15
framboise or peach liqueur, whole egg, confectionary sugar
the dude goes chai | $14
white russian with wildmoon chai spice liqueur

spirit-free cocktails

cucumber dill pickle collins | $10
dill syrup, pickle juice, cucumber tonic, dill pickle & cucumber salsa
mango margarita | $12
lyre’s non-alcoholic agave spirit, lyre’s orange triple sec, mango margarita puree, lime
szechuan root beer | $10
lyre’s non-alcoholic american malt root beer, szechuan syrup, orange peel garnish